Reaching Technical Support

This contact page is for correctional facilities. Inmate friends and family members should visit the Friends and Family Information page.

GTL is devoted to providing knowledgeable and responsive technical support throughout our entire customer base. Our dedicated team of in-house technical support staff, field service associates, and advanced product technicians provide 24/7 customer service across the entire line of GTL products.

If you are experiencing an issue with one of your active GTL products or services or simply want to reach a member of our support team, you can submit your request by calling toll-free 1-877-856-3184 (inmate telephone systems) or 1-800-306-2957 (OMS, kiosks and other products and services). Alternatively, you may complete the contact form provided below.

Please note- for any inmate account or friend or family account related questions (trust accounts, telephone accounts, e-messaging accounts, video visitation accounts, etc.), please us the forms on the Friends and Family information pages above.  Any such submissions to the form on this page are automatically discarded by the system and are not read or addressed.

In addition to contacting technical support, GTL provides the opportunity for customers to access a dedicated customer forum. This forum provides knowledgeable insights to some of the most frequently asked questions about the line of GTL products. Click here to access our customer forum today. If you are currently not a registered customer, you can begin the registration process here.